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In our search for hyperrealist artists, we found Jose Vergara, a Texas based artist who says he is a “graffiti artist with a medieval heart.” Also sometimes known online as Redosking, this 22-year-old creates colored pencil art that’s so good it’s jaw dropping.


Jose’s drawings are impressively realistic, but the thing that makes his creations so unique is that he focuses on the eyes, and only on the eyes. After all, people keep referring to the eyes as the window to the soul. The artist’s details are so striking and detailed that it takes a while for anyone to grasp that they’re drawings!

Don’t believe us? Here’s a quick video of what he does:

A Passion That Can’t Be Tamed

Born Jose Antonio Lopez Vergara in Mexico City, he was raised in Madrid and now resides in south Texas. He says he always liked to draw. However, At age 8, the artist experienced an accident that nearly cost him his right hand, his drawing hand.

“That fortunately never stopped my passion for art nor my capacity to draw,” he told in an interview with The Huffington Post.  “It was in the hospital, where I was kept for about two months, when I realized that it wasn’t just a hobby, but a passion,” he explained further to The Daily Mail.

“As a young teenager I fell in love with graffiti and started painting big colorful walls which I signed with my ‘street name’ redos,” he tells in a biography. After that, he started to develop skills in painting and drawing, creating art about anything and everything.

Why the name change? “I started signing redosking as a promise to myself that I will never stop being myself and growing as an artist and encouraging people to do the same and don’t give up on their dreams,” he explains.

Drawing Inspiration

Jose’s creations are so lifelike, but it’s not all he does. Other than drawing peoples’ eyes, he also does fictional creatures. One notable creation is his drawing of Gollum’s eye, with Gollum being a creature from JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings series.


“My biggest influences have been writers and musicians like Spanish rapper Nach and J.R.R. Tolkien, and great personalities of the world like Aristotle, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela whose teachings are helping me develop and shape my own artistic style and personality,” he continues.

“For me these people were masters in the art of living,” he further explains. “I plan to pursue a path in which I’ll be able to combine the heart and soul of hyperrealism and traditional art with the fun and exciting world of caricatures and graffiti where everything is possible.”

A Passion Pursued

Clearly, this guy knows how to draw. So why focus so much on the eyes? “I’ve always loved to work with details and drawing eyes seemed the perfect challenge to test this new discovery, not only for their beauty but also for their meaning,” he told The Huffington Post.

But there is more to the story than meets the eye – pun intended. He told The Daily Mail the original reason for this series, that he started drawing the eyes in November 2013. Shortly after deciding he is “devoting” his life to art, he created the eye portraits because he was interested in the “detail and beauty” involved in the mesmerizing facial feature.

“I first drew my mother’s eye, as a tribute to her,” he recalled. “Then in December, I drew my father.s, as a tribute to him too.”

Meticulous, Mesmerizing Motions

We learned that these creations take approximately 20 hours each to make. This labor of love that Jose does has such grand detail that every pore, eyebrow hair, and eyelash shows. Even the galaxy like worlds in the iris is so comprehensive. Sometimes the iris even shows “reflections,” which are painstakingly detailed as well.

Other than his colored pens as weapons of choice, Jose also uses a white gel pen for highlights. “It takes patience and practice to make a realistic drawing,” he explains of his process. “And it’s very important to spend a lot of time getting the proportions right before adding color.”




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“Everybody is hungry for something, the main goal is to enjoy life doing what you love,” he says in his bio.

You can catch more of Redosking’s work on the following sites: BigCartel, DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

h/t: Bored Panda, The Daily Mail, Demilked, Huffington Post, Modify Watches, PanAmerican World

All images were created by Jose Vergara, all rights belong to the artist.

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