We love all sorts of art, but we especially love art that involves nature and animals. It’s wonderful to see artists like Wolf Ademeit capture such majestic beauty through photography, as the German artist features many creatures in his “Animals” series.

The Moers, Germany based photographer captures images of many in the animal kingdom, including bears, birds, lions, camels, zebras, and even his namesake of wolves, among many others. What got our attention, however, is his series of elephant photos.

Similar to the style of Goran Anatasovski, Wolf also takes animal portraits of those in the zoo. He says in his bio, “Only a few photographers use the photography of animals in zoos as an art form. I think this is a missed opportunity… With my pictures I would like to move the photography of these animals in the focus of the art photography and show photos which are not only purely documentary.”

In his very raw, black and white photos, Wolf displays the beautiful love elephants show. He even allowed sites like Bored Panda to share images to create awareness about how these gorgeous animals are being poached. While the sad truth exists, so does hope, as there are elephant radio collars for sale that can save Virunga’s last 200 elephants from poachers.

Benefiting the Virunga Fund, Famellies helps raise not just awareness but also money to help save these wonderful animals. The project will “allow Virunga to help their elephant families roam safely and freely on the savannahs, in the hope that one day, elephants will once again dominate the park’s grasslands.”







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To donate, visit the Famellies website. At time of writing, there has already been $14,997 raised, with $120,000 as the target amount. It may be a long way to go, but it is definitely possible.

Pictures are taken from Wolf’s website. You can visit it for more images of elephants and other glorious pictures of animals.

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