I want to share with you all a discovery I made fairly recently which I think is cool and innovative. A group called 100copies creates unique pieces of art and makes a limited, 100-print run for each. This time around, they used bike tires to create a print of New York’s famous Empire State Building. It’s one of the most creative the company has made, as each work always has something to do with bikes but never like this one.

To give you a brief background, the company was created by Singapore Creative Director Thomas Yang. He loves cycling, so he decided to combine that with another passion – art. Thus, 100copies (and its bicycle-inspired logo!). Each piece they have for sale is watermarked, labeled with the artwork’s title, and its edition number. In fact, people who ordered are also listed on the website. Each is truly a collector’s item unique to them.

The Cyclist’s Empire, the piece I was talking about earlier, was already sold out in a short amount of time! Take a look at this particular design, made with seven assorted types of bicycle tracks. They were rolled over the poster paper in order to emulate the Empire State Building’s easily-identifiable silhouette.





To know what other new pieces of art 100copies has for sale, visit their website. Thanks for reading!