Cyrus Kabiru, an artist from Kenya, digs through electronic and metallic trash he finds in Nairobi, and then refashions them into wearable avant-garde eyewear and masks. The artist as a flair for flamboyant designs, using springs, coils, nails, and even spoons and forks, among many other things, in order to create his unusual styles.

Cyrus explains that this penchant for eyewear and glasses started when he was a kid, and it grew even more when his dad wouldn’t let him get a pair. “When I was young, I used to admire real glasses but my dad was a bit harsh and he never wanted me to have real glasses. That’s the reason I started making the glasses.”

It’s not just fashionable, quirky looks he has in mind either – he believes it’s a stress buster too, and it’s a two-way thing. He does it because he likes it, but he also thinks it could bring some joy into those who see it. “When you walk in town and you see someone with my glasses, the glasses will [get] all your attention,” he said. “If you have any stress it is like a therapy.”

Why trash, then? The artist, who also does other types of art such as painting, confessed that he enjoys giving discarded materials a second life. “I really love trash. I try to give trash a second chance,” he explains. “I change it to be something else, which is like it will stay for more than 100 years now.”

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You can check out the artist’s Tumblr account. Some pictures/information were taken from Colossal, Prosthetic Knowledge, and AJ+. All art is copyright Cyrus Kabiru.

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