One of the things I love about curating events is that I have the honor of showcasing amazing artists close to me, and not just in proximity. Today’s blog is all about Wattana Khommarath, who used to be my teacher at The Art Institute of California.

Originally from Vientiane, Laos, Wattana is very skilled in many forms of art. In fact, he loves mixing this with his passion for music. Having acquired a BFA in Film/Video and Character Animation in the same school he teaches at full-time, it doesn’t surprise me that he loves anything and everything to do with art and expression.

In addition to traditional hand-drawn animation, he also does traditional and digital paintings, airbrushing, murals, and live painting. Sometimes, he even mixes techniques whenever he sees fit. Add to those some wicked DJ skills and guitar prowess as well.

You might think this is a little too much to handle, right? Well, Wattana is someone you can consider a non-traditional person – while most would believe the status quo is committing to just one discipline, he does the opposite. He loves learning and enjoys mastering his artistic interests, no matter how diverse.

His creation called Paper Ammo Company backs his belief that the pen is mightier than the sword and that paper always wins. He has also had some solo exhibitions, as well as having participated in the San Diego Comic Con a couple of times.

In addition, he’s also done work for “Muted Tones,” where his representative works like sketches, paintings, illustrations, and storyboards are featured. I love what he does here since it’s akin to what TAE is all about. Like us, he loves encouraging and inspiring others about art worldwide. He inspired me then and I hope he inspires everyone who sees his work or meets him.

You too have a chance of meeting this inspiring man at my next Art Social! As you may know, Thursday the 16th I’m curating the event at Quality Social, located at 789 6th Ave. We start at 8pm and we’ll have music, art, pop-up shops, drinks, and socializing with artists and fellow art lovers. DJ Hevrock and some guests will be playing music, and there will be other amazing artists I’ve featured over the past few days.

Here are a few of his previous works. You can see more on Thursday! You can head on over to the Facebook event page to get all the details. If you’re nearby in the San Diego area, drop by. The event is FREE for anyone over 21, so bring your friends!











You can follow Wattana’s blog at his Paper Ammo website. Thanks for reading!