One of the members from our creative team spotted the artwork of Steph Alvarez and thought her stuff would be amazing to feature. The surreal visual art immediately caught our eyes, and the mix of softness in the blending of colors along with that amazing eye for realistic detail in her portraits would make you want to stare in awe.

While our immediate thought about the images would be feminine and surreal, Steph also describes her style as whimsical and delicate. “I am drawn to the dreamy and the unusual,” she tells us in an e-mail. “My subject would usually be the female face – I am also drawn to anything feminine, and I love how soft and expressive a woman’s face is.”

It would then surprise a lot of people that this artist is self-taught. That’s right – while she recalls that she’s been sketching since age five and she started painting after college, she also confesses she has not had any formal training. “When I was little, I would try to draw and copy Japanese cartoons from collectible graphic cards, and everything just started from there.”

Her fav medium would be watercolor, which gives her work that ethereal feel, but it doesn’t necessarily end there. “Sometimes, I would venture into mixed media, usually acrylic and pen. Although, acrylic is something I have to master yet. I am also planning to learn how to paint in oil, soon.”

The interesting thing about it is that she never even thought she would be using watercolor. “I was never really good at handling it,” she confesses. “It was only 3 years ago, when I decided to take up the brush again, that I chose to learn and practice painting with it.” She also told us that not only does watercolor go well with her style – it’s also soft and flexible.

In a world where digital art seems to be the go-to thing, it’s refreshing to see someone like Steph venture into a more tangible art form. “The reason why I find myself leaning more towards traditional art is because I feel like I am better and more skilled in it than in digital art.”

Don’t get her wrong though – she has just as much love for digital as she does traditional. “In fact, it doesn’t matter which you choose. What matters is the final output – none is better than the other,” she affirms.

Here are just some of her works:









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If you want to see her art in person, she usually posts details on her social media pages. “For now, I want to focus on personal illustrations and projects for a future exhibit (hopefully), and maybe do a few commissions on the side.”

More of her works and pictures of the artist below:









For more details, or if you want to get her to do commissioned art, visit Steph Alvarez’s Facebook page, DeviantART or Instagram.

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