The Faunascapes is a European designer duo, who are an architect/graphic designer married couple who team up both in their Scandinavian product agency and design studio called WhatWeDo as well as their aforementioned side project that feature mesmerizing double exposures.

Composed of Hanne and Tobias Scheel Mikkelsen, the husband and wife pairing are based in Copenhagen, Denmark, dubbed the design capital of Scandinavia. They describe The Faunascapes as being “fueled by the modern city dwellers dreams of escapism and wanderlust.” It is their way of expressing daydreams of escapism and wanderlust, something quite common not just in the millennial generation but for nearly everyone.

Their relatable artwork blends gorgeous landscapes and animals, making dreamy images that capture the artists’ emotions. “We love this slightly foggy but painstakingly clear feeling of grandeur you get when taking a closer look at the landscapes inside the animals,” they explained.

While the images they make already look good on screen, they have prints available for purchase. And guess what – the project didn’t even start out that way! “We originally designed The Faunascapes animal portraits for a series of geometrically shaped plywood boards,” they recalled. “But it soon turned out that the prints came even more to life when printed in bigger sizes on deliciously heavy off-white uncoated paper.”







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You can check out more or find out how to buy prints from Faunascapes’ website, or follow them in Facebook and Instagram. You can also check out their product agency and design studio WhatWeDo.

All images used are owned by the artists. Some of the information were derived from their various sites or from their feature at Bored Panda.


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