Wall\Therapy is, in their words, “is an art and community intervention project, using public murals as a means to transform the urban landscape, inspire, and build community.” In its fifth year, the project continues to make Rochester, NY more and more beautiful through art. Their hard-to-miss murals are there to inspire and make people bond.

The week-long festival is a yearly initiative, and the walls are not just beautified to keep the people that see it as inspired as possible – those walls are rehabilitated thus bringing therapy to wherever those structures belong to. Here’s a nice recap video of what went down this year:

Basically, this year’s theme is surrealism, so the 13 murals focus on the fantastic and out of this world – works range from giant whales to giant superheroes. The images scale everything, from brick walls to tall buildings and everything in between.

This year’s artists (or “therapists,” as Wall\Therapy prefers to call them) are a mix of local and international talent: Daze (above), Andreas Englund, Handiedan, Li Hill, Nate Hodge, Maxx242, Eder Muniz, NEVERCREW, Jeff Soto, Matt Roberts & Joe Guy, Vexta, Onur & Wes21, and Brittany Williams.







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For more information about Wall\Therapy, you can visit their website, or subscribe to their social media at Instagram and Facebook. You can also access a map of this year’s mural locations in PDF format here.

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Images are by the artists/photographers. H/t: Colossal, Wall\Therapy, Street Art News