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Happy New Year, everybody! We here at TAE couldn’t be more excited as we present some of the possible trends in art this year. 2017 is looking brighter and brighter, and this list is here to guide you for inspiration.

Join us as we explore these visual trends:



Pantone announced that the color of the year for 2017 is Greenery – a “fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring” that represents freshness, new beginnings, and even environmentalism.

We love this! It allows us to take a new perspective, take a breather, and even appreciate the great outdoors, something that a lot of us have been lacking ever since the dawn of new technology has arrived.

Graphic Design and Branding


Graphic design in the context of branding is now focused on what products are, instead of a type of packaging that “hides” it. In other words, people are now looking for things to be as real and true as possible.

For example, in food packaging, transparent containers are all the rage. Ingredients are now easier to read, especially with the onset of people becoming more health-conscious and concerned with where food has come from.

Because of this, expect to see bold colors in simple patterns. Such an example is how popular vectorized logos are these days, and traditional brands simplifying their old complex ones for cleaner-looking and simpler designs.



90s Look – People are all nostalgic about the era from 20 years ago, so bold colorful images, polaroid-type snaps, and flash photos are coming back. Children born in the 90s are becoming brand ambassadors as well.


Tough, Gritty Females – Women in 2017 will be represented more on what she does than what she wears. The modern woman is unafraid to get gritty and should never be underestimated, so photos are reflective of his especially in advertisements.


Candid Shots – Spontaneous, unfiltered, and raw. These types of movements are all in full display and are great in capturing amazing moments that are more personal and true.

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There’s a lot of old trends resurfacing, such as active wear and sportswear becoming casual wear – something that indicates our society valuing wellbeing, exercise, and overall healthy lifestyles.

In the world of arts and expressionism, trends only help inspire – while these are projected to be the next “in” things, don’t let it control what you want to do with your art! Do whatever you feel like, and make it worthwhile and wonderful.

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h/t: Digital Arts Online, Deposit Photos

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