Graphic design is one of my passions, so it really inspires me when I see all the different kinds out there. One particular artist struck my attention – Robbie Bautista. A guy in his late twenties and based in Manila, Philippines, this free spirit creates some of the most interesting vectors and illustrations I’ve seen in a while.

Currently, he works as a User Interface (UI) Designer for mobile apps and games, but he also freelances as an Illustrator and Character Designer. Most of his previous works were focused on graphic design to be used on both print and web, but today he prefers to focus more on illustration.

“It’s really the type of creative work I want to involve myself with,” he says. This is especially true now since his relatively new job as a UI Designer is quite different from what he’s used to. “I’m having fun with it and learning a lot,” he explains.

He goes on about how he found his passion, surprising us with the fact that his original major in college was Computer Science. “After realizing that programming is not something I wanted to spend so much time with, I transferred schools and too up Multimedia Arts instead where I learned the basics of almost everything (2d and 3d Animation, Graphic Design, Video, Photography, Web Design & Development, etc),” he narrates. “During the end of my studies I realized that Illustration is really the one for me because that’s what I liked to do during my free time.”

“I’m still experimenting with my production processes but my steps are similar to how I do my personal artworks: many rounds of sketches, and many rounds of rendering,” he tells us about his process. Surely, he’s got a lot on his plate. So like almost any creative I know (including myself), Robbie also has a soft spot for travel. “When I’m not at work or doing any freelance projects, I go off and travel to different places to rejuvinate my energy.”

Here are some of Robbie’s favorite items from his portfolio:













Immerse yourself in Robbie’s works and blog at his website, or follow his behance page for more samples.

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