Thanks to Spanish Artist Fernando Vicente recent artwork, the seemingly perfect bodies displayed in magazines over the last several decades have been deconstructed to expose the flesh and bones behind every fashion model.

Inspired by the Fine Art and Latin Memento Mori ‘Remember That You Are Mortal’, Fernando’s 2014 ‘Vanitas’ collection is an innovative contrast to society’s obsession with flawless beauty. Well known for his successful career in press Illustrator for several Spanish publications, Fernando’s choice of posh female figures from vintage magazines combined with his own personal interest in anatomy and science create a series of powerful visuals.

In many of the pictures, the female’s bones, muscles and organs are exposed to portray the raw vulnerability behind 1950’s fashion photography. The series has been wildly described as haunting and morbid as well as beautiful and touching.

Click here to view more of Fernando Vicente’s original work.



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