For those who are connected to me via social media, you’re most likely aware that I have been traveling for the past few weeks. I enjoy travel so much and it always excites me when I see amazing works of art wherever I go. I’m now up north in Vancouver, BC, and I finally saw in person the giant cartoon-like designs everyone online has been talking about!


Painted by Brazilian street artists OSGEMEOS (roughly translated actually means “the twins”), the characters are painted on silos in an industrial area of Vancouver called Granville Island. I learned that the pair who painted these is actually twin brothers Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo. It’s one of their latest projects, and their biggest mural to date.

The 70-foot-tall silos, together, cover an area of about 23,500 square feet since all cylindrical areas are painted all over. Talk about “go big or go home,” right? It took the brothers about a month to finish the entire piece, and it’s just one of their ongoing projects in their “Giants” series. Previously, the silos looked bland, bleak, and just boring. See what I mean here:


The massive colorful silos were painted as part of the Vancouver Biennale, currently taking place until 2016. If you want to check them out for yourself, it’s located alongside the Public Market, Emily Carr University, and the False Creek. Check out these pics and video from the project:









For more on OSGEMEOS, visit their website. Thanks for reading!