As you may know by now, here at TAE we are big fans of street art. I personally do not create such installations and murals, but I can appreciate the work behind it. I appreciate it even more when the street art is either for a cause, or helps the environment. It’s way beyond inspiring.

This is the reason the illuminated bike path recently installed and unveiled in the Netherlands really impressed me. Unveiled by Studio Roosegaarde in Nuenen, the interactive and brilliantly executed bike path is Van Gogh inspired and solar powered. This studio who created it is an innovative design lab that usually explores juxtapositions of people and art, as well as technology, public spaces, and everything in between.

Why choose Vincent Van Gogh as inspiration? Because the world-famous painter resided in Nuenen for approximately 2 years from 1883 and 1885. The installation itself shows swirling patterns throughout a kilometer-long path.

At night, the special paint that charges during day time lights up in hypnotizing designs, in cooperation with embedded LEDs powered by the sun as well via a nearby solar array. Check out these cool photos and video!








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