When a photographer suddenly finds inspiration to combine his art with the incomparable look given off by black light, you get dreamy and out of this world creations. John Poppleton’s Under Black Light project has been shaking the Internet and art scene lately, and you’ll see in a moment exactly why.

Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, this art daredevil is now based in Wellsville, UT. He didn’t start off doing UV paintings on bodies – he was a photography hobbyist for a long while, starting off in his junior year of high school. By 1993, he was already a professional portrait photographer after a few of his friends requested him to take pictures of their weddings.

His love of photography allowed him to dabble in the different kinds – from fantasy, to beauty, to artistic, and the like. But, by 2010, he already had a new innovation in mind. It was by accident, even, because he was “suffering from a sleepless night in a hotel room bed” when he got the idea of using black light in his art.

His personal motto as a photographer and artist is to “cherish something different.” His current love of UV light bodyscape paintings stemmed off from his original project, thus now combining painting with photography. The result? Hauntingly beautiful images unlike any other.











See more of John Poppleton’s amazing black light photography at his website.

On a side note, the Summer Night Art Social event is tomorrow! Hope to see you there!

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