New York-based artist Ray Bartkus painted a gorgeous mural in Lithuania recently, intentionally upside down. Why the strange choice? Ray’s true canvas is the water – the mural’s reflection looks astounding on the nearby body of water.

The reflections in the following image are slightly altered to show them more vibrantly. To see the mural in all its glory, the painting and its reflections do look amazing but you will have to travel to Lithuania to do so.


While based in the Big Apple, Ray was actually born in Vilnius in Lithuania. Somewhat going back to his roots, he went to the city of Marijampolė to paint his latest mural, which gets reflected right side up onto the river Šešupė.

Born in 1961, Ray studied art and graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Art in 1986, then moved to NYC in 1991. This move abroad allowed him to create illustrations for many publications like the New York Times Book Review, Harper’s Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and Time magazine. He also designed the Lithuanian 50 Litas bill.




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The images used above are from a feature on Bored Panda.

You can visit the artist’s website for more information on is other artworks.