Last weekend, Upfest happened in Bristol, England from July 23 to 25. There were over 300 artists from the UK and over 25 other countries that gathered in 28 collective venues in Bedminster and Southville. It was a live painting festival whose visitors were 25,000 strong.

Aside from live art that was painted in over 30,000 square feet of surfaces, there were also workshops, art sales, and even music stages that summed up a fantastic weekend for locals and visitors alike. It was even featured in Snapchat’s Discover section because the scale of this event was pretty massive.

Some of the headlining artists Gemma Compton, Inkie, Jody, Cheba & Cheo, Pichi&Avo, Leon Keer, Fin DAC, Odeith, SHOK-1, Mr June, Louis Masai, and so much more. Each of them has a distinct style that is amazing to look at and their process is always mesmerizing to watch.

Because it’s a free street art festival, it’s obvious you can expect the unexpected. There’s people who do 3D floor art, others do stencils, many do graffiti, and most would form messages with their creations such as activism with regard to the environment, among others.

Originally created in 2008 by just 3 people, Upfest is now the largest street art and graffiti festival in Europe. What makes them highly appealing isn’t only the variety of art they feature, but the fact that a chunk of any proceeds would go to charity.

Here’s a video of what went down that weekend (or at least, during the first day:

Here are other amazing artworks this year:












Last year, one of the artists that stood out would be MyDogSighs, who painted his “trademark” of beautiful eyes – he has one eye set up on a wall while another is drawn on a postcard which is held up to juxtapose, thus creating a matching pair.



His entry this year:



Another artist whose artwork stood out last year is Jody, who created a hyper realistic hand that looks as though it was dipped in black paint or something similar. One of the other reasons Jody stood out is because his art was finished a few days after Upfest ended, which didn’t stop him! It was a gorgeous piece indeed.



Were you there last year and this year? If so, let us know!

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If you can’t seem to get enough, check out more info about Upfest Festival here:

Facebook: Upfest – The Urban Paint Festival
Twitter: @Upfest
Instagram: @upfest

h/t: Snapchat, Street Art News

Photos: MyDogSighs by Paul Green; Jody by Rom Levy; everything else from the Upfest Facebook page

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