Steampunk seems to be slowly creeping back into the mainstream, as this trend is all the rage in art, fashion, and everything in between lately. Mother-daughter team of Elaine and Alice from Hampshire, UK are just yet another set of artists who are utilizing their creativity in relation to the hot trend.

Establishing a company called Forage & Find in 2011, the pair would upscale random combined pieces and turn them into gorgeous metallic jewelry. It all started when they found a bag of 1930s-1960s watch parts in their garage, which Elaine received in the 80s while running a craft shop.

“Literally sourcing and using components from the past to develop our jewellery has been our skill, and it is so rewarding when a previous disused fragment from the past it rescued, turned into a unique necklace and re-worn once again,” they describe on their website.

Their aim is to create work that’s a stark contrast from today’s “fast & disposable fashion.” Using their imagination and a lot of pocket watch dials (mostly Edwardian), combined with all sorts of unusual finds including tainted metals, music box keys and vintage gaming pieces, the pair create unique wearables that are too hard to resist.






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You can check out more of their vintage creations at their website, or buy them from the Etsy shop.