Yesterday I featured one of my recent favs JR and his amazing #UnframedProject across the world. His semi-collaborative massive project is both an art form and a non-verbal way to communicate many issues as well as odes. Most recently, this project has taken the hearts of those in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Until June 29th this year, JR presented a solo exhibition in Museum Frieder Burda, displaying both a retrospective of his works, as well as “Inside Out,” a special photobooth installation. In addition, he continued his Unframed project and this time he addressed the German-French history and friendship. He put up images that feature historical photographs used with permission from private photo albums of residents in Baden-Baden.








“Archive image from the first radio station (SWF) created in Baden Baden by the French army to push the new development of the city and to start what they called ‘the re-education’ to democracy. Here, Heinz Staerk in 1946 was recording on a 78. He’s still alive today and came by to see the pasting,” discussed JR about the photo above and its original below.


Here’s a really cool photo of the same guy almost 70 years later in front of his picture from 1946:


I’m also excited to let you guys know that JR is doing #UnframedProject in the Big Apple, with a bunch of pieces all over Ellis Island. There’s a special piece as well he did with no other than big screen legend Robert De Niro! I believe that the New York pieces deserve a feature on its own, and the works in progress will be discussed here on TAE really soon.

Follow @jr on Instagram to see his other projects. Thanks for reading!