A worldwide creative movement is on the rise. Launched in July of 2014, “Undercover Lovers”, instagram campaign is gaining momentum as an optimistic medium among creative types across the globe. The pay-it-forward concept began with 10 positive quotes to encourage “good vibes” among photographers, fashion designers, hair stylists, painters, graphic designers and other artists.

Once the photo is loaded to the site, each participant is asked to spread 10 messages of positivity to creative professionals within their local network. Each artist is encouraged to choose a message that personally resonates with them. In the corner of the photo, the artist is also encouraged to tag their brand or logo to enhance networking and collaboration with other creative professionals. Lost Kingdom, founded by international photographer Lui Val recently jumped on board with several photos to help promote his latest work.  The campaign continues to expand reaching artists in Southern California, Panama, Paris and Mexico. Want to join the movement? Follow @undercover.lovers





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