Usually, when people spray paint places like abandoned buildings, we associate it with walls decorated with graffiti or murals in the most colorful ways possible. However, street artist Javier de Riba has other plans. Rather than focusing on the interior or exterior walls, Javier spray paints the floors as if they’re tiles!

The little stencil trick he does makes it seem as though he has restored tiled floors to their original state, which in all honesty is probably less work.  Javier works similar to how a screen printer works – layer by layer. He first paints the entire floor area that he wants to work on, and then uses one colored stencil at a time in order to create the tile-like designs.

The end result is a visual trick of sorts, with people almost never expecting that it is really spray paint that make up the intricate patterns along the abandoned buildings’ floors. The Barcelona-based artist never seems to run out of designs and stunning colors to use.

Why this unique style? Via the artist’s website: “For Javi, each piece challenges his aesthetic, driving him to try new styles and techniques while balancing his existing abilities with his desire for growth and exploration. His journey is an ongoing battle against stagnancy, in favour of versatility and innovation.”






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Video and images are all owned by the artist. For more about him, visit his website, Facebook, Behance, or Instagram.

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