JPS, a street artist from Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom, recently caught the attention of art lovers all over the world. Over the last few months, this semi-anonymous and self-described “nearly reformed street artist” has been getting lots of press. Whether it’s a fun piece or a controversial one, JPS knows how to speak up without uttering a single word.

Previously, he lined the walls of an abandoned mental hospital with cleverly laid out horror images. Now, he’s made a series of what can only be described as site-specific stencil works. Whether it’s small or large-scale images, his paintings and installations will surely grab the interest of passersby.

He confesses that Banksy hugely inspired him to do what he does now, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people mistake JPS’s art for Banksy’s. “I consider it an honour,” JPS said in an interview. “I’m actually pretty new to it so I haven’t concentrated greatly on ideas just practicing really, although I have a lot more up my sleeve.”

A lot of his works are greatly influenced by comics, pop culture, and horror movies, but he also takes notice of his images’ surroundings as well. Having only done stencils for roughly a year and a half, Jamie Paul Scanlon’s works speak volumes. As for the future, “The street stuff will continue, the shows will continue and I hope to continue beating my demons.”









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