Countless times in this blog I’ve mentioned my love of typography, and as a graphic designer I constantly browse the Internet for inspiration. It’s a great way to keep things fresh, trendy, and interesting. I found these and thought I’d share a few striking ones you might find cool. Who knows? These might spark a bit of creativity for you just like it did for me.

This ad by Complot Creativity School is proof that even with typography, images are universal. It’s in another language (Spanish) and yet it’s still striking enough to get your attention whether you speak the same language or not.


This creative concept for Sony Action Cam is the perfect blend of typography and photography. Its got a smart way of using only a few main colors – black and yellow for the words, and blue for some accents, and a bit of pink and green too.


This next one by Dermodex is simple yet effective. Mixing and weaving the words “careless” and “dyslexia,” this ad reaches out to parents to “understand their children better” by sending a powerful message. Another example is the image at the start of this blog post (“Isolated” woven with “Bullying”).


This ad is another highly effective one. It’s a fun concept that tackles something serious – planning before disaster even arrives.


Here’s another simple ad that’s both humorous and truthful. Basically, the message is that your donations can help save your best buddy’s life – “Keep them alive so they can keep playing dead.” At the same time, it’s also a play on the famous poster from England (Keep calm and carry on) – same font and minimalist style.


What are your fav ads from your state or country? Share them with us. Thanks for reading!