One of our (and everyone’s) favs Banksy has more works featured in Tilt’s latest installation in New Zealand dubbed the Panic Banksy Room. Formally called “From Rags to Riches,” this display in the city of Christchurch features a room full of 22 Banksy-signed works, half of which has Tilt spraypainting over them.

Tilt is a graffiti artist whose traditional style earned him the honor to get an invite in working on From Rags to Riches. The Banksy collection he painted over is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Tilt enjoyed the concept and easily grabbed the opportunity to add on to things that a world-famous yet anonymous street artist as created.

Organized by Spectrum Street Art Festival along with George and Shannon from OiYou, the Panic Banksy Room clearly shows a stark contrast between the chaotic colorful style of Tilt and the organized framed works that feature Banky’s art.

According to his bio, Tilt really enjoys how he can showcase basic, old-school graffiti in such a way that proves it to be as complicated as the newer styles like 3D lettering, wild styles and characters. His use of strong bold colors and high-impact shapes, if anything, reflect how his art grew in the streets.

His distinct “throw-up” style takes charge all the time, and it shows in this collab with Banksy. Throw-up is prevalent in Tilt’s works, and is actually defined as when a writer’s spray painted name incorporates fast lines and uses usually one or two colors, designed for fast execution.






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This is not the first Panic Room concept for Tilt – he previously collaborated with Tober, Grizz, and Don Cho in Marseille, France a few years back.

Check out Tilt’s other works on his website, or like his Facebook page for more updates.

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