Italy’s street art festival called Memorie Urbane is a yearly thing, and this year is just as special as ever. Featuring many TAE favs like Seth Globepainter, among others, this event is one to look forward to each time. This year, though, a Norwegian stencil artist created something pretty extraordinary.

Anders Gjennestad (also known on the streets as Strøk) painted a gigantic optical illusion. At first glance, you might think this mural is on the ground. Upon closer inspection (or rather, from a further perspective) you’ll find that it’s actually on a school building’s wall. The shadows and clever use of colors and shades may confuse you for a second, but after that you’re just bound to stare in awe.

What I enjoy about this artist in particular is that this style of his stands out from a view from below, as seen in these pictures. Some of these are behind the scenes pics, while others show more detail and a larger perspective.







And here are more of his works in Memorie Urbane, located on other buildings. One of them is a collab with Fran Bosoletti:



Check out the festival’s website or Strøk’s website for more details.

Thanks for reading!