One of the best things about coming from San Diego is the knowledge that art is everywhere. While we don’t live there now, one of the things I miss about SD is the yearly Comic-Con. It’s celebrated worldwide, and the one in SD is a huge deal!

This year, it’ll be celebrated from July 21-24, with its preview night on July 20 at the San Diego Convention Center. If you’ve never gone to one, I suggest you go (most probably in a future date since tickets/“badges” almost always get sold out way before).

Comic-Con in itself is a huge movement, and art lovers everywhere always have their own ways of celebrating, whether in person or at home. Some even celebrate the love of a certain niche in pop culture by creating fan art.

One of our recent favs here at TAE is the art of an artist who goes online as “Supershinobi.” Based in the UK, this artist is primarily a graphic designer and illustrator. His sketches on his online profiles, however, are more focused on superheroes in comics and film, although he dabbles in other subjects on occasion.

Using a variety of tools, dominated by colored pencils, Supershinobi creates very realistic drawings of various heroes and villains from cinema, including a few anime characters here and there. His attention to detail has even improved through time, with each new drawing becoming more and more impressive.

Be it a DC superhero or one from Marvel, or anybody else in between, you name it – he can probably draw it, and draw it well. He’s drawn everybody from Superman to Ironman, to even Disney characters, anime heroes, video game characters, TV show favorites, and even animals and celebrities!

Often, he even posts WIPs (works in progress) on his social media so you can catch up with what he’s doing. You can even see videos via his Instagram! And just when you think he’s done, he’ll say there’s even more detail that should be added!








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Here’s a rare shot of the artist in action!


You can follow Supershinobi in the following sites:

Facebook: artofsupershinobi
Instagram: @art_of_supershinobi
Tumblr: artofsupershinobi

You can even buy a few pieces of his art via his Etsy shop: artofsupershinobi

All images are owned by the artist. Thanks for reading!