What comes to mind when you hear the words “ceramic” and “sculpture?” You may be thinking, “traditional” or “difficult,” which are both true, while some would even say “bland” – which is never the case! Especially in the works of Flora Art Studio, her intricate designs are never boring.

Unknown to some, “ceramic” is not a material in itself. In fact, it actually refers to various materials including clay, which then takes shape thanks to various methods that end up as sculptures, tiles, figurines, and even the tableware we have at home!

Some ceramic art can be decorative or industrial, and some even go way back to ancient times as parts of archeological digs. It’s definitely a very broad thing to dive into, but for now let’s just concentrate on what Flora Art Studio does.

Flora Art Studio does contemporary ceramic sculpture, and is based in San Francisco. However, she was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. She says that because of that, she has always been surrounded by art. “The works of Picasso, Miró, or Dalí, which are prominently displayed around the city, provided me with endless sources of inspiration,” she notes in her bio. She eventually took up a BFA in ceramics at the University of Hawaii.

Why clay? It was, according to Flora Art Studio, “was the medium that allowed me to express myself, evolving from abstract forms and very basic shapes to the figurative work that I am making these days.” True – sculpting of clay means building up material rather than chiseling material off.

When it comes to the nature of her art, Flora Art Studio describes it as “a little bit darker in content.” While they are personal to her and have a back story, she builds each work by hand using earthenware. As for inspiration, she says, “I am drawn to artwork that either you love or hate (no gray area.)”

Definitely, her art is unique, and we think each piece seems to have its own personality, probably coming off from her various techniques and interesting sources of inspiration. In her bio, she described, “I tend to experiment with color and texture, and along with glazes, I will use a variety of different techniques in order to obtain the desired finished look to my work.”









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All artwork here are by Flora Art Studio, with accompanying images also by her. You can contact the artist through the following:

Website: floraartstudio.com
Instagram: @floraartstudio
Facebook: Flora Art Studio
Etsy shop: /floraartstudio

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