There’s this guy from Christchurch, New Zealand, whom people call the “sand man.” No, he doesn’t put sand in our eyes when we’re asleep…that would be statistically impossible! His name is Peter Donnelly, a sand artist who has been creating amazing works of art on beaches since the late 90s.

Armed with a rake and a bare beach as his canvas, the locals fondly call him “Peter the Sand Dancer.” As of 2009, he already had close to a thousand different sand paintings across the beaches of NZ.

Unfortunately, each one of his gigantic sand paintings eventually get washed away, but the man probably doesn’t mind. I learned that every time he makes these intricate, hypnotizing designs, crowds of about 200 people gather around and watch him do his thing.

Here’s a video of him creating one of his famous sand paintings, with a bit of interview footage. He’s living up to his nickname, dancing around while performing his art! Seems like a really fun guy.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of him at work and some of his finished designs:






If you want to see more of Peter’s sand paintings, visit the Flickr group “Sand Art by Peter Donnelly.”

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