International Women’s Day was celebrated last week – March 8. In recognition of that, we want to put in light an inspiring girl named Kate Allen, an artist from Washington state who has been drawing comics that aren’t just pretty – they are here to inspire you and help ease your anxious mind.

People deal with anxiety, often in secret. However, it actually affects about 40 million American adults, creating both mental and physical stress, often for no apparent reason. With so much stigma about mental health issues, it’s nice to have people like Kate create something beautiful out of it.

Self-described as someone who “draws things that might help,” Kate’s encouraging art form is the right mix of adorable, sweet, and supportive. With bits of advice such as “You are going to get through this just fine,” or “You are doing enough. You are doing a great job actually,” coupled with drawings of furry and huggable creatures, at least one illustration is bound to make your day a little better.

There will be the occasional other non-animal comics – trees, humans, or even fictional characters. Regardless of the nature of her art, Kate’s designs all have one thing in common: they’re here to encourage and support, reminding all of us that we should never give up, we’re not alone, that sometimes the voices in our heads lie, and above all, we can pull through.









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For more information, shopping, donations, and commissions, check out the following links:
Kate’s blog:
Tumblr: thelatestkate
Instagram: @thelatestkate
Facebook: The Latest Kate
Twitter: @tlkateart
Shop: Redbubble
Patreon: /thelatestkate

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All artwork here featured here are by Kate Allen.

h/t: Huffington Post