I have been wanting to do a feature on the suit that I designed for Matt Powers for a while and figured now would be the perfect time. As we all know Matt recently announced to the world that he is temporarily retiring from Formula D. This was a sad day for many of his fans, but rest assured that Matt won’t be out of the spot light for long. He will still be driving in events like; World Drift Series China, All Star Bash, Red Bull Drift Shifters in New Zealand, and working on select video projects. Exciting to say, Matt has big things underway involving the pursuit of a career in the precision and stunt driving fields.

Enough about him, let’s talk tuxedo! This is sort of my tribute to Matt’s amazing driving over the years and his infamous tuxedo. You will be surprised at how funny our photo shoot turned out… Just keep scrolling down.

matt_powers_tuxedoThe design process:

Matt and I sat down last Valentine’s day to conceptualize what his race suit should look like. Always keeping his fans in mind, Matt wanted something that everyone would love. Our design focus was to create something cool and collected (as Matt always is), to carryout his style and brand, and most importantly to have shock value. After a few hours of sketching, we came up with the idea of a charcoal grey tuxedo suit with interchangeable bow ties. After that, the process was pretty simple. I sketched the suit by hand and then recreated it digitally using Illustrator. Once finished we sent the design files to Alpine Stars and from there the designs were sent to Italy and transformed into a tuxedo. Every cut and stitch was tailored specially for Matt!

Here are some photos from what we like to call “A Casual Stroll”. We decided to add a little humor and cruise Pacific Beach and a local coffee shop in his gear:












Photo Credits: Nate Deck

Matt’s Q & A for the fans:

Q: Why the early temporary retirement?
A: Its difficult to say without sounding spoiled haha. To be utilitarian about it, running my own team in Formula D as it was, was simply not rewarding enough. Financially it was a very tight program with no safety margin–If I crashed or blew an engine I stood to lose money in the season. I was just stressed out and not enjoying it anymore. I still love drifting and doing demos, but running my own team on a tight budget at that level was negatively impacting my life in and outside of drifting. It was a very difficult decision to make and one I struggled with for probably a year. But in the end I felt like I simply was not happy doing it and had to follow my heart. It was a tough thing to give up because I know a lot of people would be happy to be where I was, but I felt like I should have been happier than I was doing it and that there was some issue.
Q: Whats next for you?
A: I still am drifting both domestically and internationally. Now I will use my main car in the World Drift Series China, and use my demo car for practice and competition and demos as they arise around the world, such as All Star Bash, Red Bull Drift Shifters in New Zealand, select video projects, etc. In other driving aspects, I want to pursue work in the precision and stunt driving fields. Look for future creative collaborations with TAE/Telley and her new creative company Parachutes Creative Group, as she helps me market myself to more diverse markets.
Outside of driving, I plan to hang out with my friends and family as much as possible and enjoy their company. I am going to surf a lot, get real healthy and fit with exorcise and eating well, cook a lot, try to grow a garden, learn to pour latte art, ride bicycles, ride motorcycles, do road trips, travel, sleep a lot, get cpr certified,just enjoy life and the simple things I have at home.