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We love discovering artists in every possible way. I joined several art groups in social media and discovered Clayton Ehman a few months ago. Relatively a local artist for TAE (since we’ve been in San Diego for the longest time), thus multidisciplinary artist is literally everywhere.

Having displayed his art mostly in parts of California, this artist has created works in such a diverse number of styles. You name it, he’s probably done it. Among his accomplishments: graphic design, photography, video/music making and editing, web design, sculpting/pottery, painting, and even massive installations.

“As a multidisciplinary artist, I am committed to producing art that engages a broad array of subjects and ideas. This is reflected in my works,” he says on his website bio. “My art has been evolving to repeatedly become more complex, dense, and/or layered as these elements correspond with my view(s) of reality and the overwhelming ‘universe’ we live in.”

With so many styles of fine art under his belt, it’s hard not to wonder how all these techniques are separate and how they overlap. On this, he says, “I often experiment by mixing, compiling, appropriating, sampling, remixing and recycling art; these practices make it possible to incorporate almost anything I want into my work.”

What grabbed the attention of TAE, however, is his series of cityscapes. He began the series about a year or so ago, consisting of abstract skylines and painting-like digital images created by mixing images of cities and structures.

The overlap of these types of images also reflect the reason behind some of his art – many reasons, all of which overlap: “to explore, to learn, to teach, to try to create something original, to exercise my abilities, to stimulate thought and/or critical thinking, to create awareness and reflect the surrounding complex world(s) we live within, to create things that are aesthetically pleasing to me, to create dialogue, to entertain people including myself, to give me a greater sense of self-worth, to use my potential, to see what I can possibly create, to make political statements, to convey emotion and/or reasoning, and so on…”

What we love about the creations he’s made is that it’s diverse enough so no two pictures look too alike, but it’s also similar enough that you’ll know a piece of art is his because the style is uncannily consistent. Each cityscape is unique, displaying various states of life be it dark and mysterious, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, dystopian, and everything else in between.

Here are some of his works from the abstract cityscape series:




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Clayton says what’s important to him is that the stuff he does would stimulate the minds of its viewers, going deeper than surface-level analysis of its content. “While enjoyable, it is not only that,” he says in his bio. “I like complex/dense art because it is harder to take in all at once and stays interesting versus being able to be completely figured out or remembered in a single or just a few exposures to it.”







All images created by Clayton Ehman and copyright is his.

You can contact the artist via his website and social media accounts:
Facebook: Clayton Ehman “Abstract Art”
Twitter: @ClaytonEhman
Instagram: @claytonehmanart

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