Did you know that deep within the British Museum’s archives, there lies a series of undeniably gorgeous lithographs? Created by renowned 19th century illustrator Charles Joseph Hullmandel (along with a few by L.E.M. Jones), the typography-landscape combination was produced between 1818 and 1860.

The series of 26 landscape scenes that mirror the letters of the alphabet can be seen in a 20th-century binding. Here are the first 13 letters and a brief description of each as described by the British Museum website:

Letter A: upper part composed of three figures around a fire at the edge of a slope to small pond, forming the lower part of the letter; outline by trees.


Letter B: a vista on level country, outlined by trees and branches and the edge of a rise with two figures as the bottom part of the letter.


Letter C: a castle on cliffs on the left; waves of the sea shaping the lower curve, clouds the upper one.


Letter D: a semi-circular landscape scence with mountains in right distance; a crag with trees shaping the left outline of the letter.


Letter E: a ruinous gate, the right part of its arch broken, a tree on the left stretching to the right and two men standing on the right pointing at the ruin.


Letter F: a tree trunk and two branches stretching to the right at the top and in the middle.


Letter G: a country road winding in a curve to the right with a horse-and-cart at its end, and sided on the left with trees, their branches shaping the upper curve of the letter.


Letter H: two rocks at a lake connected by a bridge crossed by a figure and a cow.


Letter I: a country road with three figures, one on horseback, sided by trees as left outline, and meandering up to a castle as upper end of the letter.


Letter J: bottom curve formed of a lake with two fishermen standing on the left, right outline shaped by a rock with small waterfalls and surmounted with trees stretching to the left.


Letter K: two trees growing on each side of a river, crossing over it; surrounded with reed at the bottom forming the serifs.


Letter L: a seascape with a cliff and flying gulls as left outline, the sea shaping the bottom outline, a sailingboat as serif on the right.


Letter M: composed of willows and a spruce growing at a pond with ducks on the left; the branches growing into opposite directions outlining the two triangles of the letter.


Tomorrow I’ll showcase the latter half of the alphabet drawings. Thanks for reading!