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If in case you haven’t heard, Pokémon Go is all the rage worldwide. Many play it day in and day out, while others couldn’t care less. However, there’s one person who decided to not just play the game – she leaves surprises for Pokémon trainers who stumble upon her creations.

A Texan woman who’s behind “Nichole’s Nerdy Knots” had a stroke of genius and started creating crocheted Pokémon, and then leaves them at Pokéstops all over her home town in Texas. Nichole is an avid gamer who loves creating crochet anything – from toys to decoration to even a few wearable things, you name it and she’s probably made something of it.

Nichole is also a mother of two who describes herself as “self-taught and generally crafty.” Her crocheted creations have been around for a while, but her Pokémon pieces of late have been making their rounds on the internet.

A Pokémon Go enthusiast herself, Nichole plays the game regularly and sometimes screenshots her crocheted Pokémon next to their game counterparts. On her Facebook she writes, “Trying to design at least one Pokemon a day for you guys. How cool would it be to make all of them?? Gotta craft ’em all :)”


Right now there are 11 Pokémon designs (Magikarp, Polywag, Oddish, Jigglypuff, Snorlax, Pikachu, Zubat, Bellsprout, Tangela, Dratini, Koffing) and one regular Poké ball design as well. These crocheted creatures might just surprise you when you get to a Pokéstop, as the toys are semi-discreetly placed for others to take.






Yes, you read right. Her adorable creations are free for the taking! And if Texas is just too gosh darn far, guess what. Nichole is kind enough to share her crocheting patterns online for free for anyone who decides to make one. “All of my patterns are available for free,” she says on her Facebook.

“Make and sell whatever you want with them!” she encourages her fans. All she asks is that you don’t sell the patterns, and it would be nice if you let her know what you make of them. Sounds more than fair! But if you feel guilty or generous (or both) then send her a donation so she can make even more!

A self-confessed “nerd,” this lady has crocheted other cute creatures in pop culture. Notable examples would be R2D2 from Star Wars, Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, Gir from Invader Zim, Brian from Family Guy, and even internet sensation Grumpy Cat! Again, all her patterns are uploaded for free, which is a really cool thing for her to do. It encourages art lovers like us to explore new skills while enjoying.

Here are Nichole’s Pokémon creations. Did you find any of these? We heard she’s eyeing creating an Eevee next… we can’t wait!





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If you like Nichole’s awesome little crocheted items, you can always check out her website or visit her Ravelry page for patterns!

Facebook: /nicholesnerdyknots
Twitter: @knottynichole
Instagram: @knottynichole and @nicholesnerdyknots
YouTube: nicholesnerdyknots

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h/t: Pop Sugar, Huffington Post, Bored Panda

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