Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello – either you know them as Renaissance artists or as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or maybe both. Street artist Owen Dippie is a fan of both, and has created a wonderful mural combining the best of both worlds.

The New York-based artist painted the mural as portraits of the four Renaissance geniuses, but the twist is that they wear TMNT masks – the colors matching the respective mutant turtle hero they inspired. While Owen is originally from New Zealand, Brooklyn has been his home and he has paid his “respect” in the most fun and creative way possible.

As an 80s and 90s kid, mixing the pop culture comic heroes with the legendary artists was a smart decision. “I am a child of popular culture and am inspired by my heroes,” Owen explained. “By involving them in my art I pay my utmost respect to them in the best way I know how.”

Creating the mural using his signature spray paint was also a challenge – other than trying to go about his business undetected, he needed about 5 days to complete the whole picture. The thing is, New York weather wasn’t as cooperative, allowing only 3 days of good weather at a time. In addition, of course, is the stinky trash that surrounds the area. We’re pretty sure all this was worth it for the artist, though!

Check out the work (both while in progress and when it was completed) below:







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You can visit Owen’s website or like his Facebook page for more information and art.

Images by Jamie Rojo, with some information used above taken from Brooklyn Street Art and Bored Panda; art by Owen Dippie.

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