Today’s TAE feature is proof that no matter how little or extensive your artistic experience is, as long as you persevere you will create great works. Enter 23-year-old Noell S. Oszvald, a Hungarian photographer based in Budapest. She picked up the camera only two years ago, and also started editing images around the same time.

Her trademark style is creating self-portraits with digital manipulation, and only in black and white. Her conceptual ideas, according to the artist, pop out more in grayscale as color tends to become a distraction.

During an interview, she also revealed that she wants her viewers to see her work in their own eyes. She wants them to find and create what those images mean for them, rather than forcing that a certain piece means this or that.

“I don’t want to tell people what to see in my images,” she explains, “this is the reason why I never really write any descriptions other than titles. It shows what I wish to express but everyone is free to figure out what the picture says to them. It’s very interesting to read so many different thoughts about the same piece of work.”

Take a look at her beautiful yet haunting pieces and see what emotions these pieces evoke to you:












If you can’t get enough of her works, check out her Flickr and Carbonmade galleries. Thanks for reading!