A couple of years ago, way before TAE was founded, China launched an ad campaign like no other. Numerous 42×23-foot canvases were laid out on the streets of China, decorated with simple bare tree designs across pedestrian lanes. The catch is, either side of the street has cushions soaked in green environmentally friendly paint. The result? Each time a person crosses the street, their shoes leave footprints that collectively look like leaves.

This brilliant initiative by Jody Xiong of DDB China, along with the China Environmental Protection Foundation, demonstrated how walking kicks driving’s behind when it comes to helping the environment. These art installations were then eventually turned into billboards, thus spreading the message even more. Nearly 4 million (!!!) people walked over these 132 “trees,” and here are some of the photos:












In a country where bicycles are becoming more popular regardless of it being one of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet, it’s amazing what brilliant minds can accomplish. “More walking, less driving,” is what they pushed to happen, and they even created the “World No Car Day.” Take a look at this video summary of the very successful art and eco movement:

Looks like some of the people even stood on the canvases longer and enjoyed the moment. I knew I would have! We should follow suit and do this worldwide! It’s inspiring and kind to Mother Nature, don’t you think?

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