TAE’s Top Picks: 10 New Street Art Works in São Paulo

Our creatives at TAE are always on the lookout for the most rad and undeniably beautiful pieces of art from all corners of the world. One thing that caught our eyes is the city of São Paulo. Rich in culture and wildly populated, this Brazilian metropolis is home to some of the best street art you’ll ever see.

From local talent to international ones, many street artists try to leave their mark in such a vibrant and cool place. Over the past year, we’ve seen many artists do their own thing or collaborate with somebody, resulting in gorgeous works that are definitely a feast for the eyes.

In no particular order, here are 10 of the best that were completed in the past year:

Herakut and M-City

One of the most recent collaborations we’ve seen is a piece for the O.Bra Festival featuring Herakut’s signature characters and M-City’s unmistakable detailed hats.



The artist’s mix of monochrome with brilliant colors has made an appearance yet again, displaying a blend of grit and elegance.


Alexis Diaz and INTI

Brazilian Alexis Diaz and Chilean INTI collaborated on this piece for the O.Bra Festival as well.



Edoardo Kobra made a massive 7×11 meter mural of Einstein in the artist’s kaleidoscope style of art. In front of Einstein’s bike is ♥ = Eu + Vc2 (or Love = Me + You2 – a take on the scientist’s E = MC2)


Michel Japs and Will Ferreira

Brazilians Michel Japs and Will Ferreira collaborated to create a series of works within the city, targeting abandoned locations.


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Real name Mauro Golin, Muretz completed one of his latest pieces displaying a quirky 3D-style piece of a character that wears 3D glasses (because of course, why not?).



The pair consisting of Conor Harrington and Franco Fasoli finished a vertical mural for another O.Bra Festival creation.

TAE-Sao-Paulo-Top-10-07-JAZ-Conor-Harrington -Franco-Fasoli

2501 and Speto

Also for the O.Bra Festival, the collaboration allowed the pair to create a massive monochromatic phoenix.


Jhoao Henr

The abstract work of Henr is an unusual portraiture showing a black figure with an interesting, distorted face in purple and blue hues.



Claudio Ethos created a project early this year, featuring a series of pieces all over the city, using a minimal set of colors. Here’s one of the works he finished early on.


All artworks are owned by the artists, images owned by their photographers.

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