If you’re like us at TAE, you probably have a few friends who fall into the “unconventional” category when it comes to holiday gift giving. A coffee mug from Starbucks just isn’t going to cut it for the creative type folks we adore so much. Don’t disappoint this year. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite holiday gifts for our beloved photographers, designers, artists and more!

The Technology Addict: Regardless of the type of creative industry, there is a 99 percent chance your favorite painter, clothing designer or graphic designer is constantly using their phone. From managing an online store to scoping out the nearest art exhibit, creative types in this era are using mobile technology for inspiration and networking their craft on the daily. The Mophie Space Pack allows you to add up to 64 GB of storage to your iPhone while extending your battery life by 100 percent with their sweet snap-on phone case. That means you can store about 18,000 more songs on your phone, or 32,000 pictures.

The Traveling Photographer: This is an awesome little gadget for any photographer or videographer in the making. Extremely adapted for outdoor use, the flexible tripod attaches to cameras and bends 360 degrees. The ring and foot links also provide extra gripping power to grapple wherever you go. The GorrilaPod SLR Zoom syncs to SLRs with zoom lenses, video cameras, tripod heads and can support up to 6.6 pounds.

The Romantic Writer: These feather pens are simply adorable. It’s rare to see any professional writer craft up a signature piece using pen and paper but we couldn’t turn down the charm of a these brightly colored feathers dipped in gold. Affordable at only $10 each, these make great stocking stuffers too!

The Messy Painter: Got that one friend who always shows up with paint all over their hands, hair and clothes? While it is often a good conversation starter, there are times we need our brightly speckled bud to clean up for the folks, especially during the holidays. Sneak this little box of goodies under the tree full of soaps and other products perfect for buffing away paint residue.

The Secret Santa: Low on budget but need a good laugh? We’re loving this “Venus is Flawless” T-shirt by Rad.com. Only $12.95. Boom! Done and done.

The I Still Have No Idea: For those of us who simply can’t fathom organizing a gift, companies such as Quarterly take the hassle right out of gift giving and create cool gift box subscriptions featuring well-known designers, artists, and innovators. Got a friend in culinary school with a favorite chef? You can find a complete gift box customary inspired by their favorite foodie. This goes for authors, fashionistas and artists too.