Beginning last month, TAE started featuring illustrators and artists as our top picks – artists whose works blow us away. It has also been a while since we last featured some kickass typography, so it’s high time we feature Goodtype.

Now, this is a little tricky, since they aren’t really the artists per se. They are “curators of beautiful letterforms” and according to Goodtype, their mission is “to showcase beautiful letterforms while giving credit where credit is due.”

I’m not even sure how to refer to them, since when one of the creatives in my team found the account on Instagram we’ve had a hard time finding out how many are actually part of Goodtype. From the looks of things, they are an anonymous collective of people who have a “letter obsession” and wish to stay that way.

Doesn’t matter – we here at TAE think it allows their fans to focus more on the art than the people behind them. As long as what they do is inspired, and it helps people and fellow artists to be as inspired as they are, we think it’s way cool.

What’s even more amazing is that because of their love of typography, they will soon be releasing a book! Artists, designers, typographers, calligraphers, muralists, and everything in between, professional or amateur, are welcome to submit to “Goodtype the Book Vol. 1” (details how to are after these gorgeous photos by various artists)













Feel inspired enough to submit? Go to Goodtype’s website, prepare your unpublished colored/black & white typography (1 process shot and 1 final shot) and follow the guidelines. Good luck, and stay inspired!

We can’t wait for the final outcome of the book! Thanks for reading <3

Artist credits:
Cover photo: collab between @CasaltaXavier & @RemyBoire
Featured pics: @samleedesigns @heypenman @draw_ul @louiedahlquist @valeriemckeehan @rustic_overtones @rjmawst @mdemilan @seanwes @battery_full @justinturkus & anchorsupply