The year is almost coming to a close, and we at TAE have been concentrating mostly on the holidays. However, we can’t help but notice the buzz on the latest film in the Star Wars franchise. Episode VII: The Force Awakens has been breaking the internet since Day 1, and it goes without surprise that creatives from all over the world are paying homage through fan art.

Truly, this film series has touched various generations. Here, we selected some of the most gorgeous ones we have seen so far! Some of these were officially picked by the people behind Star Wars themselves, while some we picked throughout the web.

Brandan Ray Leathead: The Force Awakens Poster

(Note: It’s same person who illustrated the animation above)


Adam Relf: The Force Awakens Poster


Derek Laufman: The Force Awakens Poster


Jeff Delgado: The Force Awakens Poster


Eduardo Valdivieso: Poe Dameron


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Robin H.: Captain Phasma


Jeremy P.: Kylo Ren


Josh B.: Millenium Falcon/Rey/BB-8


Scott K.: The Force Awakens Poster


Kevin L.: Kylo Ren


Thanks for reading, and may the Force be with you!