JR, one of TAE’s fav artists, has been doing his “Wrinkles of the City” project since 2008. Beginning in Spain’s Cartagena, the semi-anonymous street artist created an effort of showing the world what urbanization is, what it does, and how it affects people.

While street art may have its naysayers (for instance, the Wrinkles of the City installation in Istanbul was recently vandalized and defaced), massive artworks still prevail and give messages to whoever may see them. The world-famous JR has done this project in different areas all over the world, such as Los Angeles, Shanghai, La Havana, and Berlin.

If, for some reason, you are still unfamiliar with JR’s style, he mixes photography with street art by creating huge (usually black and white) printed paste-ups, allowing the larger-than-life images to scale walls of various buildings and streets.

With each city’s unique history and personalities comes unique works from JR. Each face tells a different story of different versions: a version of the artist, a version of the featured person, and a version for each person who sees and attempts to analyze its message. One thing is in common: whatever message is conveyed cannot simply be missed.

Here are some of our favs from the various Wrinkles of the City sites around the world:







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All images used are created and owned by JR. For more on the artist, visit his website.

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