Just a few days ago, we released TAE Magazine Issue 2. Other than the magazine being sent out via e-mail to subscribers (hint: you can do so through the link at the right of this blog), I also upload all issues on Issuu.com. For those new to this site, Issuu is a site filled with plenty of magazines and publications.

Among its 21 million publications, at a rate of 15,000 publications a day, it’s quite an honor for TAE Magazine to be added to the Staff Reads section of the site! According to Issuu, there are as much as 85 million people reading stuff on the site. The TAE creatives and I are so stoked to know that everything we’ve been working so hard for can reach that magnitude of people.

It’s not just TAE Mag’s latest issue that made it to the cut, either. Not too long ago I posted on my Instagram that the first issue made it to the Staff Reads as well! Here are my screenshots from yesterday and two weeks ago:

The newest issue of TAE Magazine has been selected for #staffpicks again on #issuu @issuu ♥♡♥♡ Read it! Theartelephant.com

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#taemagazine has been chosen as a staff pick on #issuu ♥♥

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I’m really proud of what my team has accomplished. Behind the scenes, we not only come up with ideas individually and as a team – we also do our best to connect with different artists, galleries, and organizations so we could gather info and deliver content to you guys. We do this on a global scale, too. Sure, I am based in California, but I have people from all corners of the world helping me out.

What makes us different? We are a movement and we want YOU to join in 🙂 Our mission is to travel, discover, and share art and creativity with the world, forever inspiring others to do what they love. Personally, I want to share positivity and creativity with everyone and vice versa. When we do so, we become truly inspired and we’re all able to achieve so much!

We get contributing writers worldwide, featuring all creative things from everywhere in the world, be it travel photography, artists and their varied art genres, and anything and everything in between. I design the whole magazine from start to finish, and it’s plenty of hard work from everyone. Collectively, the magazine is the result of a common passion, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

Stay tuned for the next TAE Magazine issue coming in a few months! If you’re interested in contributing stuff or getting your art featured either on the magazine or here in the blog, keep in touch. Join the TAE movement by sharing articles you like through social media too! Like, share, and follow us!