Great news all you TAE readers – The new issue of TAE Magazine launched today! TAE Magazine was recently decided an Issuu “Staff Pick” under the category of “Art, Music, and Creatives.” We are very excited to share this FREE publication with you! TAE was created to inspire and this issue is sure to deliver. Inside you will find a strong photography theme, as well as amazing street art, fine art, mixed mediums, fashion, and graphic design from around the world. We travel, we discover, and we share art and creativity with the world. Join the movement – read TAE Magazine!

A bit from the editor; From TAE’s humble beginnings, I have always fit our readers into two categories; those who are creative and recognize it and creatives that have yet to discover their talent. TAE travels, discovers, and shares art and creativity with the world, in hopes that we inspire EVERYONE to explore their creative side. Creativity is as important to the world as a heartbeat to the body. Imagine a world devoid of unique ideas. Our television would be strictly for news and documentaries, advertising would be mind-numbing, making the Super Bowl a drag! Pinterest would be a website dedicated to off-centered family photos, and our homes would remain artless and stark. Fortunately, the human race is artistically innovative; in fact, we are without limits… To read more, click here

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