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Pastels flourish in the expert hand of artist. Each of Ms Steines works is a specific handpicked snapshot, a person, place or event that she has frozen and documented. They capture a moment in time that stood out to the artist as worth capturing. In her own words, Steine discusses some of the influential artists that inspired her and helped her to create her style.

She explains “Some of my favorite artist are Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt (I know it’s cliche to like Impressionist art), but what I loved about their work is that their subjects are often doing very simple and mundane activities. There art is peaceful, beautiful, and takes you there as if you know that person. I guess that’s what I would like to achieve as well. I want people to be curious about the subjects they see in my work. I want them to wonder about their lives and hopefully feel a connection to them.”

Each picture represents a unique feeling, a shared emotion with the artist. Ms Steines allows us a glance into her understanding of the subject, and the impact of said subject on her. The lines are bold but subtle, and although the subject may seem simplistic and focused, it is anything but, as a further review of the work will show. The pastel medium works extremely well for this style, as it is both glamorous and elegant, and at the same time, persuasive and endearing… READ MORE NOW


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