We’ve started a new project and are working hard to get it funded. Most of you may find our #dollarandashare campaign to be right up your alley. It is an eco-lodge in Nicaragua that gives back to the local kids, animals, and communities. TAE will be implementing art programs in 3 different schools that would otherwise go without. Check out our video and to see what it’s all about, and be sure to scroll down to see the infographics that explain our project even more in detail! Remember, we need your help so share and share again, and if you really like our cause, donate $1 or more.





‘Hacienda Nica’ Seeks Support for #DollarAndaShare Crowdfunding Campaign San Diego, CA, November 19, 2015


Nick Deck and his wife Chantelle Lamoreaux announced the launch of their #dollarandashare crowdfunding campaign to raise the final funding to open a new boutique eco-lodge in Nicaragua. After raising over a third of their goal in the campaigns first 3 days, the couple are confident that they will be able to raise what they need to get started giving back.


On the surface “Hacienda Nica” will operate as a traditional business, providing food and lodging to guests.   All of its profits, however, will be used to fund its wildlife protection, animal rights, and humanitarian projects throughout Nicaragua. This eco-lodge truly lives up to its slogan, “Hospitality With Purpose”.


“Hacienda Nica is the product of our passion for making the world a better place, a love for both animals

and our fellow people. We’ll be running a wildlife rehabilitation center from the property in order to work

with victims of the illegal wildlife trade. We want to support the locals as well, so we’ve teamed up with

three rural schools and their surrounding communities. Our programs will provide them with clean water

systems, sustainable organic gardens, and supplemental education including English language,

micro-business, and the arts. We want to empower children to create a life that they desire and reach

beyond the poverty cycle that has taken hold of so many Nicaraguan families.” – Chantelle Lamoreaux


The couple estimates they will be able to rescue and rehabilitate 300 animals and support over 1,200 people with clean water and organic produce within the program’s first year, but they look at this as the beginning of a life dedicated to supporting those in need across the globe.


“We will be opening multiple locations around the world, our next destination taking us to Southeast Asia.

We plan to create customized support systems for the needs of animals and children in each region,

and anticipate a new location will be opened every 4 to 5 years.” – Nick Deck


How Can You Help?

Social Shares – Donate and hashtag #dollarandashare on social media to help Hacienda Nica’s Crowd Funding Campaign gain more exposure.


Computer Donations – The program is currently accepting laptop and desktop donations. These kids will be happier than you can imagine to learn on your old junky computer.

Vehicle Donations – The lodge also needs additional vehicle to carry supplies. A truck, van, or any reliable work vehicle will be a huge asset to the facility.


Volunteer- If you’re genuinely interested in volunteering and visiting Hacienda Nica, please stay in touch through email or Facebook.


If you would like more information about Hacienda Nica, please contact Nick Deck at (858) 405-2551

or email at HaciendaNica@gmail.com