Granted, graphic design is a difficult but very fulfilling task. Did you know some of your favorite wallpapers and things you see every day were probably created by an artist named Rogier de Boeve? Hailing from Belgium, the graphic designer has been making digital art just a couple of years shy of a decade.

Rogier’s works first came to our attention when one of the TAE creatives shared her love of digital graphics created by the aforementioned. He has a very specific style that is uniform enough to make you realize it’s his, but still different that not everything would look so boringly monotonous.

Having been featured in prolific websites and magazines like Behance’s homepage, Abduzeedo, PSD Mag, Advanced Photoshop magazine, and even landing the cover of Lamono magazine, Rogier is no stranger to his works getting plenty of attention.

A master of various software like Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, Rogier is also pretty good at InDesign and other designing programs left and right. It comes as no surprise, then, that he’s had a handful of well-known clients under his belt.

Names like Nike, SOM Music, Reflection Dynamiks, Utopulis, ABC’s show Duets (for which his work was eventually unused), Computer Arts, and many others have requested his creativity. Other websites may even display his works as downloadable wallpapers! See if you recognize any of the following:







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Check out his portfolio and website, view his Behance, or follow his deviantArt creations for more of his amazing graphics. All images we used are his.

Thanks for reading!