We at TAE have a fondness for surreal images, so it’s unsurprising that discovering the iPhone photography of Melissa Vincent would be such a treat. With her art having been sold and exhibited all over the country as well as in Canada, and was even included as one of Time Magazine’s “Instagram Photographers to Follow in All 50 States.”

If that hasn’t impressed you yet, we don’t know what will. Melissa’s photos are simple and gorgeous, with a raw energy that radiates through the screen. While we know these images are post-processed and manipulated, you can’t help but wonder how much effort goes into each piece.

While the artist has a degree in cytology, the stay at home mom turned photographer is based in Mississippi, and the iPhone is her weapon of choice because she says she “wouldn’t be able to navigate Photoshop even if I owned one!”

People would often ask how she does her photos and she reveals it’s just her iPhone 6 (previously it was an iPhone 4 with a broken screen). And while she loves taking pictures of her children, the reason for her scenic shots is because “Instagram stirred up a creative part of me that was dormant for a long time. I now take photos as a hobby… It’s actually more of an obsession.”

“The only device I shoot and edit my creations with is my iPhone 6,” she firms. “My favorite apps change frequently but currently they are: Snapseed, Superimpose, Alien Sky, Circular, Facetune, Flood, and Retouch.”

She started doing iPhoneography in 2011 when she discovered Instagram during its early days. “I loved it immediately. I’ve always been a creative person, but only truly explored that side of myself when I began playing around with apps on my iPhone.”

“I was born and raised in Mississippi and still live here today,” she tells. While sometimes, she travels and uses a camera, majority of her shots are still captured with her phone and everything is post-processed on it using her fav apps. “Music, travel, nature, and movies also inspire me.”

“My goal has always been to show a different side of Mississippi to the world. I want the viewer to go on a visual trip with me to Oz when they look at my images,” and that she has been doing. While also influenced by her trips elsewhere, it’s always been her home that speaks the loudest volume in her art.”







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Check out more of her work on her Instagram or Facebook pages. All images are by the artist.

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