DALeast may just be the most secretive graffiti artist to emerge out of China. Travelling the world, he has painted walls everywhere with life-like gigantic creatures that are seemingly made out of metal. Often, he creates his quirky tagged walls as quickly as possible to avoid getting arrested.

The unusual paintings he’s done can be seen in nearly all continents, including his homeland as well as all over the US, South Africa, and England. However, he’s now based in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife in an almost completely anonymous manner.

Most of his paintings also have a common theme: wild animals in motion, often hunting prey. When asked how he comes up with these pieces, he describes the process as creating them “spiritually, in the mind,” before actually going to a site to start. He does, however, create other things like cars and dragons.

“I hope I am creating illusions through my paintings that can be a switch for people’s minds,” he described in an interview with The Daily Mail, a popular UK online news source. “I like to express life-emotions and the environment, and use different artistic forms to speak. I prefer people staring at my work without saying any words – it means they are taking it in.”










To keep up with his projects, visit his website.

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