When I first featured Bordalo II here on TAE, I showed you how he converted various railroads in his home of Lisbon into quirky street paintings. This time around, though, he’s been transforming his city’s trash into beautiful art installations.

I think it’s a very interesting take he does, interpreting the circle of life this way. He creates these large-scale nature-inspired installations from the very by-products of what he critiques, which is the world’s current consumerist lifestyle: trash. The garbage he takes and reforms, in a way, into exactly what it destroyed.

So, for the past few months, his mission has been to look for mounds of trash that normally include old tires, electrical cables, plastic sheeting, shingles, and other discarded materials. He then repositions them into whatever shape he needs and sees fit, then spray paints the entire thing so it collectively resembles certain insects, animals, and other forms of nature.

Take a look at some of his moving art installations:










For more of the series, visit his Facebook page.

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