Usually, street artists and governments do not mesh well. However, there are a few heartwarming exceptions, and one of the most recent of which is the collaboration between the Mexican government and street artists called Germen Crew.

With the intention of rehabilitating Palmitas, a town located in the Pachucha district, the youth organization were allowed freely to paint 209 houses in a 20,000-square meter façade in order to create a giant mural when collectively seen from afar.

Street Art News even reports that 452 families of almost 2,000 people were positively affected by this project, with youth violence completely gone. Thanks to Germen Crew (literally translated as “germ crew”), this urban renewal has temporarily given people jobs thus helping reduce crime in the area.

Check out this short video about the project:

Here are some pics of the colorful giant collaborative artwork!







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For more information, check out the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Germen Crew.

h/t: Street Art News, Demilked, Bored Panda and Colossal

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