One of my fav reasons for loving street art is its obscure mix of spontaneity and precision. Street artist Vhils created two new pieces in Los Angeles which showcase his great skills, and in some ways also displayed his freedom to create art in partial thanks to Lebasse Projects.

The Portuguese artist, whose real name is Alexandre Farto, spent a few days here in California working on the two pieces showing his beautiful signature style of portraiture. Rather than painting murals as most conventional street artists would do, Vhils would carve walls instead.

Vhils first gained quite the amount of fame when one of his carvings was given notice, provided it was done alongside one of Banksy’s work at the Cans Festival in London back in 2008. As many of you know, not only is Banksy a TAE fav, but also a world-renowned artist.

It was through Banksy’s agent Steve Lazarides that Vhils received the chance to show his work in his own space. Since 2008, Vhils already had several solo shows all over the world: London, Shanghai, Lisbon, and Paris, are just few of the places honored to have had his work shown.

Here are pictures of Vhils’s latest works, with behind-the-scenes footage/stills, taken by Birdman Photos and care of Street Art News.











Follow Vhils’s work at his website. Thanks for reading!